James Funk & Friends, John Redell, Moonshine & Wine

James Funk & Friends

John Redell

Moonshine & Wine

Thu · May 18, 2017

9:30 pm

The Southgate House Revival-The Lounge



This event is 21 and over

John Redell
John Redell
John is on a Journey that is taking him to all 50 States and some other points of Interest around the World. Using his own Tuning while improvising never before heard pieces on a Classical Guitar, he intends to record a minimum of 50 CDs. All the profits from the sales of the CDs via Digital Downloads will go towards a variety of Charities.

Unsigned, yet affiliated with Sweet Lucy Records, John Redell, has been playing Guitar for over 4 decades. He grew up in Northern Kentucky in a time when Guitar Music was exploding all around him. Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and Cream were a few of the heavy hitters of the day.

At the age of 12, a friend taught him “Tom Dooley” and he went home and played it for his Dad. The next day, his friend’s older brother taught him “Wild Wood Flower”. He went home and played that for him as well. This inspired his Dad, who went out the very next day and bought John a Gibson Melody Maker and an amp. The 1st Song he taught himself was “Purple Haze”.

From the time he was 17, he has been involved in Bands that focused on original and improvisational Music. Known mostly as a Teacher, which he has been doing since he was 21, he only performed live several times a year, till his recent stint with a Cincinnati based Irish/Celtic/Folk Band known as “the Flock”, which he considered himself Fortunate to be a member of for almost 4 years.

John has been involved with the Cincy Blues Society’s “ Blues In The Schools” for 10 years. He does in-school Presentations and serves as Mentor to the overall BITS Program. As an outreach of BITS, he has also been involved with a Jam for Kids, known as the “Under 21 Jam”, which is on standby at the moment.

His CD “ Mercy”, filled with Pieces he Created on his Classical, runs the gamut of emotions as he takes you on a ride to the deeper regions of the Soul, where he draws from a Wellspring of Creative possibilities. His fingers glide over the strings in a myriad of dips and turns that carry the listener along, as he almost effortlessly weaves his way through a maze of tones and textures rarely pulled from a Classical Guitar.

When John performs as a Soloist, he adds his own twist to an assortment of covers and includes several of his own Songs. His set is interlaced with Masterful acoustic and electric Guitar Pieces. The story of Love found and Love lost, is told once again by someone who still Believes. His voice calls and beckons the listener to hear his Tale, to feel his Joy, to feel his angst, to sense his acceptance and experience his Hope of a better day.

Whether you are witnessing him summon new Pieces from the Universe or listening to him sing from the Heart, songs of Life and Love, you will find a Man who is comfortable with his instrument and himself. To him, Life is a Wondrous Adventure…

Cincinnati Bands over the last several years, other than "the Flock", have included “John Redell and the Company He Keeps”, “MC Blue”, “Out of the Myst”, “Shepherd’s Pi”, “the Bottom Line” and a 6 month crash course in the Blues with “Sweet Alice and the Unfinished Business Blues Band”. Currently on occasion, he performs with the Cincinnati based "Voodoo Blues Band", “the Chuck Land Band", “2 Days Away”, “Aaron Hedrick and the Working Class Villains” and “II Juicy”. And when the opportunity arises, he is also honored to join John Shoemaker with his Project, “The System of Infinite Possibilities".

Beyond his own extensive library of recordings, he has recorded with “the Oinks” and “the Source”. Another 2 Projects that have just been released are the Flock’s, “That Last Blaze of Glory” and John Shoemaker’s, “The System of Infinite Possibilities”.
Moonshine & Wine
Moonshine & Wine
Moonshine and Wine is a Cincinnati based duet that blends Americana, bluegrass, and folk such as Civil Wars to Gram Parsons with Emmylou Harris. They'll bring high energy, and harmonious vocals to all shows with people clapping, dancing, and toe tapping.

James Funk (aka Red Beard) strums the acoustic guitar and holds the rhythm down like a train rolling through town. He'll mark a path thru a song going from full strum to intricate picking, while never missing a beat.
Danielle Kuntz (aka Hobbit) fills the songs with her dulcet vocals, and hand percussions, all the while dancing and enjoying every moment of the song.

These two met through the music scene and even share the stage together with Red Beards Revenge. While, the band is on hiatus or in between tours, Moonshine & wine don't ever stop and just keep the music going.

People like to ask which one of is Moonshine and who is Wine, well, that changes night to night, and to see who is who, you'll just have to come to the show.
Venue Information:
The Southgate House Revival-The Lounge
111 East 6th Street
Newport, KY, 41071