Barnyard Stompers, Jordan Wood (full band)
Fri September 10, 2021 9:00 pm (Doors: 8:00 pm )
The Southgate House Revival - Sanctuary
Ages 18 and Up
Press about the Barnyard Stompers:

"This is an all out jam...these two pretty much play straight up your ass honky tonk redneck rock music! I love to rip off beer caps and tear into a few cold long necks with loud balls to the wall Barnyard Stompers music."

     -Gary Hayes Country

“You know it has been a long time since I have found a band that I enjoy listening to on repeat. I know that sounds silly but we all do it, don’t deny it. The Barnyard Stompers is one of those bands. The talent with these two is simply amazing. There is a variety of different music styles from one song to the next, so you will not get bored listening to them! Go check ‘em out!”

     - Sheila Broderick, Colorado Music Buzz Magazine

“We have always had a tendency here, more a mission to be honest, to stay away from barn dances but that resistance could be seriously challenged if such events offered up the same riveting heart igniting sounds which make the Barnyard Stompers...”

- Pete RingMaster, The RingMaster Review

Jordan Wood:
Jordan Wood is a singer/songwriter from Southern Ohio.  Jordan grew up in a small-town north of Cincinnati surrounded by musical influences from his father to immediate uncles, who all sang and/or played instruments.  He was given his first guitar around age 12 and fell in love with making his own music from that point on.

You can hear other influences in Jordan’s music ranging from Randy Travis to Merle Haggard and songs about simple living, family life and the struggles of being a performer.  He likes to joke about playing both kinds of music – country and western.  “I have a lot of roots in traditional country music, but if I had to label it, I would just say it’s music about real life.”

Jordan places a lot of his influences and inspiration with his music with his family.  His wife Elizabeth and their 3 children being his biggest supporters.  As for his fans, “I’m truly blessed and grateful also for the overwhelming support and help I get from the community and grateful for being able to play music for a living. I wouldn’t be able to do it without the friends and family I have around me.”
Barnyard Stompers
Hard working, traveling outlaw circus! Stompers don't have fans, we have family.
Jordan Wood