Fri August 23, 2024 8:00 pm (Doors: 7:00 pm )
The Southgate House Revival - The Lounge
Ages 21 and Up

Prolific American songwriter & recording artist, Paleface, is currently on tour with his Puerto Rican darling drummer Mo in support of their new album Beyond the Bells. The album was produced by Paleface, mixed by Grammy-nominated engineer Jason Richmond (The Avett Brothers) and mastered by John Greenham (who’s received multiple Grammys, most recently for his work with Billie Eilish).

Beyond the Bells continues the evolution that began on his 2020 release, Go Forth, with Paleface fully embracing his studio wizardry side. Here, he is as at home behind the mixing board with assorted electronica as he is with an acoustic guitar slung over his shoulder. The overall result of his commitment shows an artist at the peak of his well-honed craft. Rather than employing an “everything AND the kitchen sink” approach, Paleface is selective, organic—crafting the gestalt of the record with ten songs that relate to one another as a whole. Beyond the Bells is music as an event. A primitive, tribal cool that somehow manages to create its own genre. Again.

“Because essentially I like to rebel, I wanted to make an album in an age of ‘singles’, while also giving each song its own personality. When I was a kid, I fell in love with the concept of ‘the album’—and I’d sneak into my older brother's room and listen to more progressive, advanced music—stuff my classmates weren't listening to. But I have always loved pop as well. Contradictions abound, but it all makes sense. These days I find myself much more into the craft. Bukowski said, ‘craft is the death of art’, but he was a writer and didn’t see (or care) that in music, the composition is king. It's the reason we know that Beethoven made incredible music two-hundred years ago. So, for better or worse, I’m sinking deeper into that idea while trying to tell the story of my thoughts, fears, and struggles as I go through life.”

Paleface was schooled by underground music icon Daniel Johnston, and discovered at an NYC open mic by Danny Fields (The Stooges, The Ramones, MC5), who managed him for the next eight years. Paleface has released albums for Polygram and Sire Records, and indie labels Ramseur and Shimmy Disc. He’s been called a “major musical influence” by artists including BECK and The Avett Brothers. (He has collaborated & appeared on three of The Avett’s albums, most notably as the “4th Thief” on their album Four Thieves Gone. Paleface is also an accomplished visual artist, and his bright & bold music-inspired paintings are collected by fans worldwide.

In support of Beyond The Bells, PALEFACE & Mo are touring as a high-energy, full-sound duo that incorporates acoustic instruments and electronics.