Will Kimbrough & Brigitte DeMeyer

Will Kimbrough & Brigitte DeMeyer

Caroline Spence

Sat · April 22, 2017

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

The Southgate House Revival-Revival Room

$15.00 - $18.00

This event is 18 and over

Will Kimbrough
Will Kimbrough
Will Kimbrough is a singer, songwriter, award-winning guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, performer and bandleader with a voracious appetite for every aspect of music. Born and raised in the deep south of the Alabama Gulf Coast, he ingested eclectic FM radio sounds and the music of nearby New Orleans. In his quest to develop his musical capacities to their fullest, Will Kimbrough has become a modern-day Renaissance Man.

Kimbrough’s body of work reflects a lifetime of performing, writing and collaborating from more angles than Da Vinci’s protractor. True to his search for universal truths, his profound musical knowledge and expert creations reflect years of learning the intricacies of folk, blues, gospel, country, rock’n’roll, punk rock and jazz.

With songs recorded by Jimmy Buffett, Little Feat, Jack Ingram, Todd Snider and others, Kimbrough’s multidisciplinary approach has led to many desirable collaborations in the studio and on-stage with well-known artists, including Rosanne Cash, Guy Clark, Rodney Crowell, Steve Earle, Gomez, Emmylou Harris, the Jayhawks, Mark Knopfler, Buddy Miller, John Prine, Toumani Diabate, Kim Richey, Josh Rouse, Matthew Ryan, Billy Joe Shaver, Todd Snider, Mavis Staples, by fans as a way to explain his masterful performance on the guitar, Kimbrough was recognized in 2004 as the Instrumentalist of the Year by the Americana Music Association – an award that had previously been awarded three years in a row to Dobro ace Jerry Douglas.

Kimbrough earned his graduate degree on the club circuit shortly after finishing high school. Investing years of single-minded devotion to his craft, Will moved to Nashville with his first band – Will and the Bushmen – and was quickly signed to a major label record deal. Following that 15 minutes of fame, Will formed The Bis-quits with Tommy Womack, Mike Grimes and Tommy Meyer and released one CD on John Prine’s Oh Boy! Records.

Having spent several years on the road and in the studio with folk star Todd Snider, Kimbrough has also toured and recorded extensively with Grammy winners like Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell, and produced a Grammy-nominated CD for Adrienne Young, in addition to producing the noted East Nashville Skyline and The Devil You Know albums for Todd Snider – two of his most acclaimed recordings.

With 10 artist albums to his credit, Will has released five solo recordings and five albums as a founding member of DADDY, the bis-quits, and Will and the Bushmen. Kimbrough turned ears and earned new fans along with praise from the media for his outspoken Americanitis (2005) album, which cast a critical eye on early 21st century America.

In 2007, Will released EP – his solo studio recording that revealed a hint of what would develop on his next full-length release. All Music Guide wrote, “Wonderfully written and executed songs: sparse yet full of literacy, emotion and a primitive’s attitude to modern invention, though there is nothing remotely primitive about the sound or craft on this short set.”

Kimbrough spent much of 2009 working with DADDY, a band he co-founded with Tommy Womack, featuring John Deaderick, Paul Griffith & Dave Jacques. The band released For A Second Time – their first studio recording and second album – for Father’s Day and have spent much of the year touring and showcasing at major national festivals.

The lead track on the DADDY album – Nobody From Nowhere – struck a chord with Jimmy Buffett who ended up recording the song for his new Buffet Hotel album released in December 2009. But Jimmy wanted more, and tapped Will Kimbrough for three other co-written songs on Buffet Hotel, including Wings – which is also the title track on Will new 2010 studio album.

The songs on Wings invite the listener to comprehend the universe with a modern introspective eye. Exploring themes surrounding the conflict between family and career, love and work, parents and children, the music is based in classic folk rock, with touches of atmospheric guitar, cello, saxophone, trumpet, banjo, Hammond organ.

In early 2013, Will traveled to Key West to work on “Songs From St Somewhere”, the fourth consecutive Jimmy Buffett album Kimbrough has played on and contributed songs to. He wrote or co-wrote three of the songs for the collection, slated for a December 2013 release.

Will is also a member of Gulf Coast group Willie Sugarcapps, a very organic collaboration with Grayson Capps, guitarist Corky Hughes and the duo Sugarcane Jane (Anthony Crawford and Savana Lee). Their debut album is being released by Royal Potato Family Records of Brooklyn in Aug 2013.

Will Kimbrough’s latest album, his seventh solo long-player, is Sideshow Love, a 12 track song cycle exploring the human heart and love in all its guises. According to close friend and longtime partner Tommy Womack, Sideshow Love is not only the best showcase for Kimbrough’s guitar work, but his best collection of songs yet. The record focuses on love in all forms, the ups and downs of romantic love, wistful longing, spiritual wandering and old fashioned lust. Sideshow Love was released in Fall 2013.

In April 2016, Willie Sugarcapps will release their 2nd full-length album, Paradise Right Here. Recorded at Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, mixed by multiple Grammy winner Trina Shoemaker, co-produced by the band and Shoemaker, the record is at once a big step forward for the Lower Alabama roots collective, yet retains their debut album’s raw, live, real soulfulness. Paradise Right Here is deeper and darker than the first album; but hope shines through, along with the wonderful collaborative energy everyone loves about Willie Sugarcapps. (Willie Sugarcapps, Paradise Right Here, April 15, 2016, Baldwin County Public Records, http://www.bcpr.rocks/).

Will is currently finishing up work on Doug Seegers’ 2nd album—the followup to “Going Down To The River”, which was a smash hit in Scandinavia—”Walking On The Edge Of The World”—will be released in May 2016 on Lionheart/Capitol Records in Sweden in May 2016.

Kimbrough is also finishing up a duets record with soulful singer songwriter Brigitte DeMeyer. Will and Brigitte wrote almost all the songs on DeMeyer’s most recent album, “Savannah Road”. This time around, they decided to go ahead and do an album together. Full of soul, humor, poetry and picking, “Mockingbird Soul” will be released in Fall of 2016.

The multi-talented, active father of two continues to make a lasting contribution to every project he produces, performs and creates.
Brigitte DeMeyer
Brigitte DeMeyer
The South is more than just a place. It’s a feeling you get when you’re sitting on the porch on a warm summer night sipping sweat tea. It’s the haunting comfort that envelops you when you drive the wooded back roads in your hometown. It’s the sound of cicadas rustling in the trees. It’s the salt, grease and love that goes into every plate of grits served. The South is everywhere, especially in the stories told by Brigitte DeMeyer’s music.

With her sixth offering, Savannah Road, DeMeyer gives the listener access to a special place in her mind. The title track is inspired by Gregg Allman’s book My Cross to Bear. The celebrated musician’s biography was DeMeyer’s companion and took her in all different, musical and emotional directions. It helped her feel connected to Georgia, the South, and in the process, connected to herself. Due out April 2014, Savannah Road intermingles acoustic steel and slide guitar, fingerpicking, gospel-tinged vocals and literary imagery. DeMeyer writes songs as weavers thread tapestries. Poetry laden with southern groove, her music transports to another place and time. A self-produced collection of 13 songs written mostly by DeMeyer and frequent collaborator and string-master Will Kimbrough, Savannah Road has been described as “gorgeous and greasy.” DeMeyer simply calls it “acoustic soul.”

DeMeyer has built a solid foundation with her first five albums, collaborating with giants of the Americana drummer/producer Brady Blade, Buddy Miller, Sam Bush, and more recently, Kimbrough—and has shown herself to have a wonderfully natural feel for soul-steeped, blues-infused roots music. The daughter of Belgian and German immigrants, she was born in the Midwest, and at a young age moved to Southern California with her family where she started latching onto rootsy sounds, from Etta James, Mavis Staples and Sly Stone, to her discovery of The Allman Brothers, Steve Earle and of course, Patti Griffin. Before embarking on the quest that brings Brigitte’s music to the main stage, she acquired a Bachelors of Arts Degree from the University of San Diego and, instead of sleeping on random couches and going the “starving artist”route, she took the road less travelled in rock and roll: She got a job. Not wanting to depend on anybody, she worked to make enough money to get her music career going, realizing that being self-sufficient was the only way to feel truly content while turning her musical dreams into a reality. Brigitte was able to pay rent and play music. Eventually, she was able to leave the marketing world behind and concentrate on her craft full-time.

With a 2010 relocation from California to Nashville, DeMeyer has gained much momentum and visibility as a performing artist, and has built strong musical partnerships through touring, writing and contributing to the community. She is a storyteller. She is the blues personified. Each lyric drips with emotion, curiosity and imagination. “There’s something sparkly about each song,” DeMeyer says about the story told by Savannah Road. “Boy’s Got Soul” is a beautiful anecdote about finding someone who possesses or moves you unexpectedly, in which she uses the term “scrapyard lullabies”(a Chris Whitley reference) over smooth, yet haunting guitar strums. “Home Ground” is a poignant, soulful adventure about finding that special place where you can be free. However, it’s “Build Me A Fire” where Brigitte’s storytelling mastery really comes to life. It’s a personal story, an ode her to the hardships her mother had to overcome during the Second World War. Besides the aforementioned standout tracks, the entire album is bursting with the same rare passion that is found on old Fleetwood Mac records. Savannah Road is teeming with elements of melancholy, longing, and most of all, each track brings its own little piece of the South. “Mother Nature is boss here,”she smiles. “And, there’s a spirit here, a vibe in the air that gets absorbed, and it goes into the music.”

“Think Swamp. Think Spooky. Think Longing. Think heat. Think Sweat. Think Post Civil War Georgia. A vintage wander searching for where you belong. With whom you belong. Nothing but stars and desire as the compass, and the encounters along the way. This is Savannah Road.” DeMeyer says. Although the songs stem from DeMeyer and Kimbrough’s musical chemistry, they are brought further to life with additional players Brady Blade, keyboardist Jimmy Wallace, guitar/mandolinist Guthrie Trapp, and bassist Chris Donohue. Also featured are the McCrary Sisters, Ricky and Micol Davis of Blue Mother Tupelo, Bassist Michael Rhodes, and Wood Brother’s Jano Rix.

If there’s one thing the listener is sure to take away from Brigitte DeMeyer’s music it’s that life is more than a destination, it’s a journey. From opening for Bob Dylan, to playing with the McCrary Sisters and Buddy Miller, to forming lifelong musical friendships with Blade and Kimbrough, the journey is far from over. With each song, each album, each tour, there is a soul-infused story to tell, and Brigitte DeMeyer is here to tell it.
Caroline Spence
Caroline Spence

"Caroline writes from the heart of it… Sings from the guts of it. We zeroed in and peeled back the all dressings and ended up with a record that feels just as honest. Every song feels lived in and true."
- Neilson Hubbard (Producer, Spades & Roses)

Ever since the release of "Blood on the Tracks" in 1975, Dylan posed the challenge to every songwriter that came after him: Can life's emotional complexities be rendered simply? Can a song be so intensely personal that it somehow manages to reach beyond itself towards something universal? With this record, Dylan turned the American Songwriter into a definite vocation, a job that’s core responsibility was the nearly impossible task of simply and honestly singing your own story, and somehow mysteriously manage to speak for all of us.

While Caroline Spence may not look like one of the road-hardened troubadours of America's past, with the release of Spades & Roses, the young songwriter from Charlottesville Virginia proves she is every bit as serious. Having won numerous songwriting awards from industry mainstays like the Kerrville Folk Festival and American Songwriter Magazine, and garnered nods and admiration from both Miranda Lambert and her fellow writers in the Nashville underground, Caroline has delivered a record to meet the expectation: Quite simply, 11 songs of gorgeous Americana that remind us of why we fell in love with the genre in the first place.

It’s is a rare but unmistakable authenticity and emotional resonance that can't be faked, all delivered from a voice that somehow manages to be both ethereally pristine and yet profoundly raw and human-- a disarming union of self-assuredness and vulnerability that runs throughout the record. Under the guidance of Producer Neilson Hubbard, "Spades and Roses" strips away all of the sonic barriers that might stand between Caroline and her listener, allowing her fragile melodies and first person confessionals to do their work-- reaching out and empathizing, providing a soundtrack to our own hidden stories. Every song on the record--whether pop or meditative, glib or heartbreaking-- asks the essential question of whether or not the listener can recognize himself.

Whether it’s a song like "Southern Accident," a strikingly personal and heartbreaking account of the lingering effects of her parents divorce on her own search for love and commitment, or "Softball," an extended anthemic metaphor for the all-to-real injustices of the gender gap in modern life, Spades and Roses is Caroline's unflinching testimony and reminder as to why songs are important: It’s about paying attention. It's about whether you can take a handful of chords and find those still points of peace and clarity and joy amidst the basic confusion, struggles, and emotional wreckage of our everyday lives. Most importantly, it’s about finding a way to make it beautiful.

So who is "Spades and Roses" for? Songwriters who need a sympathetic shoulder? Song lovers who are tired of the latest gimmick? Modern ladies who still enjoy knitting? Older men who have seen enough to not find that intimidating? In the end, it’s for all of us that demand a lot of life and love, and yet still have the grace and hope to go on loving the world in spite of what it is sometimes. It’s for all of us that still like to hear our story told in song. In Caroline's own words, which seem to summarize the record, "It’s all love, and it’s all pain. And after all, I can't complain."

--James Wilson (Sons of Bill)
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The Southgate House Revival-Revival Room
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