Moonshine & Wine - June Artist In Residence

Moonshine & Wine - June Artist In Residence

Daniel Wayne, JIMS

Wed · June 7, 2017

8:00 pm

The Southgate House Revival-The Lounge


This event is 21 and over

Moonshine & Wine
Moonshine & Wine
New Beginnings: James & Danielle’s modern creation of an original inception with a different onset and a unique preface that concludes their past and rids the familiar end that can be antiquated and terminates the usual result of negativity and replacing it with absolute positive aura. Their songs wound through generations of genres such as bluegrass, folk, country, and bits of rock, while still staying on course with their own vision. James and Danielle's harmonies can have you mesmerized all the while clinging onto every word filled with emotion, enthusiasm, and passion.

The Musicians

Danielle Kuntz: Vocalist
James Funk: Acoustic Guitar/Vocalist
Jason Wilcoxon: Double Bass
Daniel Wayne
Daniel Wayne
In a time where audiences are starved for authenticity, there are only a few that can actually deliver the goods to make you feel like you are hearing some thing classic and familiar yet fresh. Daniel Wayne is one of those artists. You are sold on Daniel Wayne's talent and potential as well as his infectious charisma in the first nanoseconds that you hear his powerful and gifted voice. Daniel's music is simple, raw, at times dark, at times inviting, but always with a sense of vulnerability not heard from a contemporary male vocalist for some time. There aren't many artists that possess the talent to mesmerize the listeners to absolute silence and command them to listen to a voice that is both angelic, as well as full of power and range. If you are looking for the next big voice, look no further than Daniel Wayne.

Going back and forth between Cincinnati and Brooklyn, Daniel has created quite a buzz based on his subtlety powerful live performances - especially amongst industry insiders. His live shows are sharp, stunning and pack a wallop that even the most critical of fans and industry have gushed. Really strong songs sung by an unforgettable voice and surrounded by tight pockets of tremendous playing by his band. Daniel’s solo performances pack a serious visceral wallop as well. Opening in the past for Shawn Mullins, O’Death, Handsome Family, Heartless Bastards, The Head and The Heart, Holly Golightly, Suzanne Vega, Jessica Lea Mayfield, The White Buffalo, Lights and Anna Calvi, Daniel has captivated audiences with stunning performances that have won over fans and music bloggers. Soon the world will be aware of Brooklyn/Cincinnati’s troubadour.

At the age of 8 he began writing songs and beats on a Casio keyboard his sister gave him. Growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio, teachers used to complain to his mother that he made weird noises in the classroom. He has always had music in his head and lyrics on his mind.

Daniel is currently in Cincinnati finishing his debut, full-length album, produced by the legendary Brian Olive. The album consists of 10 songs and showcases Cincinnati's smokin' hot music scene.

When the album is complete, look out for Daniel Wayne his band The Silver Lines to be on tour!
aka JIMS & his Mandareenians
Since 1996, at the ripe age of 11, JIMS has been performing his unique blend of styles and movements that have held a profound influence through the years. Holding frontman/guitar duties with his early projects Code Red, GDS and Prick B. Mafia, once he reached his 20s he started up his longest project to date, Sweet Ray Laurel.

During the same period he was moonlighting as a drummer in Silver Bridge Disaster then as guitar and vocalist in Good Night Noises. Soon after he picked up the sticks again for Martin Luther & The Kings and then Smoke Signals… respectively.

In addition to two unnamed new secret projects, JIMS continues to play with Sweet Ray Laurel and Smoke Signals… while also performing solo.

Alone on the stage armed with just an acoustic guitar and loop station, his songs reflect a love for all styles of music ranging from punk, world, folk and everything in between. The years of influence and experimentation with various groups has helped mold a unique, concise and focused approach which, is evident in his compositions.

Always opting for the most visceral and vulnerable outlet, his solo output is every bit of raw, in-your-face, personal and delicate as you may expect as a document of such a storied sonic past.

JIMS is currently in the process of producing his debut solo album which, should see a release during Summer of 2015 on the label//collective he helps curate with his older brother, AndRecordings.
Venue Information:
The Southgate House Revival-The Lounge
111 East 6th Street
Newport, KY, 41071