When Particles Collide

When Particles Collide

LOVECRUSH 88, Chakras, The Clams, School Of Rock Mason

Sat · September 2, 2017

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

The Southgate House Revival-Sanctuary


This event is all ages

Times have changed for this event from 8/9 to 6/7PM - we apologize for any inconvenience.

When Particles Collide
When Particles Collide
Featured music and on screen appearance in Rock Band Rivals Dec 2016

Best New Artist Boston Music Awards 2014

Semi Finalist WZLX Rock ‘n Roll Rumble 2014

10 Maine Bands to Listen To Right Now Paste Magazine 2014

Rock ‘n Roll is about singing and playing the truth so that we can all be a little more human, so that we can better understand ourselves through the power of rhythm, melody and verse. WPC believes this art form makes us all feel empowered, inspired, connected and unstoppable.

In March of 2010 Sasha and Chris met when they were both cast in a Bangor Maine production of Hedwig and The Angry Inch. Sasha played guitar and Chris played drums. They fell in love with playing together and later just plain old fell in love.

In January of 2011 They played their first official show as When Particles Collide and since then have been on a non-stop rock ‘n roll adventure.

Since the summer of 2012 When Particles Collide has been touring the country for 9-14 weeks per year and playing consistently across New England the other 43-38 weeks. All told the duo racks up between 70-100 shows per year resulting in one of the most dynamic, engaging and professional live shows you can see at a mid sized venue.

They have released seven sets of recordings, pressed two full length vinyl records and made friends and fans all across the country.

They are unstoppable, and also, hard to pigeonhole:

You're onto something great when you can deliver a straightforward pop nugget that pulls from Motown, heavy metal and equal parts Joan Jett and Nancy Sinatra.....punk rock fury, metal crescendos and delicate melodic turns...groovy, heavy pop, slick, hypnotic new wave (power pop? power wave?).
-Jed Gottlieb The Boston Herald August 2016

WPC’s music is an amalgam of many kinds of rock: punk, metal, grunge, Southern, classic, new wave.
- Chris Busby, The Bollard, June 2015

She (Sasha) and drummer Chris Viner make music that’s hard to pin down, a powerful mix of art-rock and pop-punk.
-Josh Jackson, Paste Magazine, September 2014

Clothed in a delicious pop-punk candy shell, but inside lies a rhythmic and melodic core that’s rooted in Alcott and Viner’s dynamic partnership, with elements of jazz and metal creeping in.
-Emily Burnham, Bangor Daily News, June 2014

They have no intention of slowing down, or giving into the conventional wisdom that rock ‘n roll is only for the young. There are songs yet to be written, performances yet to give, and traveling yet to be done. Keep your eyes and ears ready for WPC’s UNSTOPPABLE ROCK.
"Imagine The Cult, Led Zeppelin, and BLONDIE in a knife fight...”

Cincinnati singer Tina Sullivan got together some area musicians to form a one-off band to play a benefit show.

Now, more than two years later, LOVECRUSH 88 is still going and has become a powerful mainstay of the Cincinnati rock circuit!

Tina's soulful cutting singing sets perfect in with the seasoned guitarists Joel Spivey and Mike Reeders Rockin edge and with the experienced Rhythm section of thumping Bassist Vincent Hammerstein and the precision of acclaimed drummer Ryan Moore LOVECRUSH 88 plays a show you don’t want to miss!!
Chakras is a Cincinnati based hard-rock band that incorporates elements of pop, metal, prog and punk to create a memorable, unique sound that remains accessible to the listener. Fueled by lead vocals that range from operatic to sultry, punishingly tight drums and bass, ethereal cello/keys and aggressive guitars, Chakras is a formidable combination of both high-energy and substance.
The Clams
The Clams
Carrie and the Clams won "best musician 2012" at The RAW awards for Indiana, Indianapolis.

Carrie Pietz: Singer/guitarist, was born in Pontiac, Michigan and grew up on the outskirts of Detroit. She started singing and acting in school musicals at the age of eight, playing clarinet, violin, bass and drums at the age of ten, and playing guitar by the time she was twelve. When she was fourteen she started charming the hearts of her audience, by playing local coffee shops, small venues, and opening up for her uncles band as a solo artist. She also loved sitting in on band projects with other musicians and friends on the side. When she was twenty-one she moved to Indianapolis, Indiana where she created her first "real" band called "All Things Blue". The band eventually went their separate ways and she decided to continue doing what she loves to do as a solo artist, but keeping it fresh by playing in other bands such as The Peggy Sues, The Alien Ground and Carrie Pietz and the Sunny Disposition. Currently she is touring with her most recent project "Carrie and The Clams" which consists of drummer Jessie Phelps (from Jessie and Amy) keyboardist and lead guitarist Ari Applewhite aka DJ Ari Atari (from The Peggys Sues and Black Guy White Girl) and bassist Amanda Coppes (from JumpStarr3 and The Peggy Sues). She is also recording her second album "stars" which is being produced by John Marque, Diana Hall and Allison Miller. Carrie Pietz is also known for producing as well, in and out of the studio, and has started many events such as Metro Rising and Rock and Bowl. Carrie is a huge part of Indianapolis music scene and is a guitar instructor at Girls Rock Camp Indy. She has also played with some amazing artists such as BITCH, Rachel Sage and Michele Malone, Just to name a few.

Jessie Phelps: drummer/vocalist, grew up in southern Indiana with a family background of artists and musicians. Since grade school, she was writing songs and creating music. Starting with simple poems and a piano, she branched out into cello and percussion at age 13 and then began her journey playing drums for a punk rock band in high school, where she also first learned to play guitar. She played in bands throughout the years ranging from the sounds of classic rock, punk, ska, bluegrass, garage grunge, and even metal. She soon started to get serious about writing songs and performing them solo on guitar, which she still plays frequently as the other half of the acoustic duo, Jessie and Amy, which have debuted at Voodoo Music Festival in 2009 along side groups such as Florence and the Machine, Muse, Ozzy Osbourne, and Cage the Elephant. Her history of playing diverse genres shows true to her passionate and embracing love of music, growing up on classic and folk rock like Led Zeppelin to Tom Petty to Joni Mitchell. Some of her favorite musicians are Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Sia, Fleetwood Mac, and Iron & Wine. She enjoys live music, staying active, hanging out with her cat, snowboarding, and long walks on the beach. Indiana Beach, that is.

Arianna Applewhite: keyboards/lead guitarist/vocalist, has playing music in some form for almost 20 years. She has been producing and creating her music since she was 13. She enjoys playing anything from rock to dubstep. Ari has been involved with many bands and music-driven projects. She switched from drummer to guitar in an all-girl band called the Peggy Sues. She has also played synth/keys in several other bands. In 2010 she created a group called Music Video. She currently plays synth and bass in a musical duos, LifeBeforeCars and Black Guy White Girl and lead guitar, synth, keys and vocals in Carrie and The Clams. She is also putting some of her own music into the vibe of The Clams. DJing is now her newest form of musical expression. Experienced in live performance looping and playing to her own tracks, DJing was a natural transition. DJ AriAtari is her name when she is behind the decks. Ari is from a small town in Indiana and is known lately as a musical vessel. She can play any instrument put in front of her and is constantly creating amazing songs in as many different genres as possible.

Amanda Coppes: bassist, music has been an integral part of her being for as long as she can remember. Coppes feels at home when attending live music concerts and music festivals. Music helps her to find meaning or clarity in life events, get pumped up before a big game, or change her mood for the better when nothing else works. Music is Coppes’ “go to,” and it is good for her soul. Coppes taught herself to play the guitar in high school, but did not pursue it other than playing around with friends and making music when they could. After college in Ohio, Coppes moved back to Indianapolis, where she picked up playing the Bass guitar. It began as a fun project and something new to learn, but developed into a love for offbeat, funky lines, and melodic heart-felt rhythms. She began playing bass for the all girl punk rock band, The Peggy Sues. After a few years, The Sues parted ways and Coppes started her own band with singer of the Sues, Melanie Starr, called JumpStarr3. After Jumpstarr3 had its run, Coppes played with a few side projects, including bass and djembe drum for Carrie Pietz. She has now found her music-playing niche with a group of friends in the all girl rock, funk, jam band, called Carrie and The Clams. “We are all natural creators and vibe off each other so well; it makes the music always fun and always fresh,” Coppes says.

Coppes is a nursing student at Marian University, and enjoys the outdoors, adventure, live music, anything active, and anything spontaneous. She also loves spending time with friends who are like family, and her four-legged daughters, Hippie and Finnegan.
School Of Rock Mason
School Of Rock Mason
School of Rock Mason is a performance-oriented music school that opened in 2012. Since then its students have put on more than 70 different shows, with new shows performed every four months. The school offers lessons, performance programs, summer camps, and workshops for kids and adults. It has programs suitable for beginning to advanced students.
Venue Information:
The Southgate House Revival-Sanctuary
111 East 6th Street
Newport, KY, 41071