Get Stuffed on Local Music
Wed November 27, 2019 8:00 pm (Doors: 7:30 pm )
The Southgate House Revival
All Ages
$10 ADV / $12 DOS

Calumet recalls the sounds of some of it's members previous efforts (Alone at 3AM, 500 Miles to Memphis, The Frankl Project) but looks to the beginnings of american music for its inspiration. The result is catchy and comfortable, familiar like you've met before, but rest assured you haven't.

The Tammy WhyNots

There’s a new band in Cincinnati ready to make YOU a fan of country music! Now, we ain’t talkin’ slicked up Top 40 country—we’re talkin’ old school, “3 chords and the truth”, voice of the common man honky tonk in the spirit of our own King Records! Clever and poignant like Homer and Jethro. Catchy and toe taping like Tammy and George! 

Made up of a cast of locals already established in their own rite; Todd Lipcomb (Kentucky Struts), Kelly Thomas (KT and The Fab. Pickups), David Rhodes Brown (Warsaw Falcons, Magnolia Mountain, 500MTM), John Schmidt (Warsaw Falcons), Sylvia Mitchell (CSO, The Hiders, Hayseed Tabernacle Choir) and Greg Schramm (Tex Schram and The New Radio Cowboys), bring ‘em together and you’ve got one helluva good time! 

The band has been focused on recording an EP at Candyland Studios. "Meet The Tammy WhyNots" was released in May 2011 and so far it's receiving lots of praise from fans who have purchased the album! 

"I like all kinds of music and I am LOVING The Tammy WhyNots" 
--Paula Puthoff, Newport, KY 

"I love the CD from the TammyWhynots. It takes me back to what Country Music should sound like, versus what it has generated into today. " 
--Gregg McGee, Amelia, OH

Lost Coast

We are Cosmic American Music from Cincinnati, OH

The Ophelias
Through a blend of understated rock, baroque pop and wide-skied atmospheres, The Ophelias explore the juxtapositions of youth in their album Almost.
Having formed the band while still in high school, bassist Grace Weir, guitarist/lyricist Spencer Peppet, percussionist Micaela Adams, and violinist Andrea Gutmann Fuentes first met at a time when each were independently serving as the “token girl” in various dude-bands from their hometown of Cincinnati, OH.
Coming from varied musical backgrounds (ranging from garage-rock, to surf, to opera), the distinct talents and influences of each member collided in unexpected ways at the band’s first rehearsal. It was here the band discovered that their chemistry wasn’t rooted in a shared musical reference point, but in the creative relief from the expected censorship of being a sideperson.
​“In the past we had all kind of been the ‘girl in the band,’ in some capacity,” Peppet said. “Having a band of all women eradicates that possibility logistically, but also makes for a really creative environment without the patronization that often comes along with being the ‘girl in the band.’”
Produced by Yoni Wolf (WHY?), the new album Almost glides between palatial assuredness and pallid introspection, looking back on youthful yearning—the uncertainties, the traumas, the anxieties—without discounting its soft beauty.
The Ophelias steer Almost through the lineage of coming-of-age confessionals, and affectionately document their growth into a warm, fractured adulthood.
Saint Bernard
Saint Bernard is an alternative funky blues rock band out of Nashville, Tennessee.
The Poor Hours
The Poor Hours, Zach and Jenna from Kentucky singing our favorite songs and writing some new ones as well.
Randy Steffen

After a stint in Nashville, TN learning the craft of songwriting and a long run at fronting Cincinnati band, "The Sleepin' Dogs," as well as being a part of another Cincinnati band "Wilder," singer/songwriter Randy Steffen is embarking on his first solo project. Now, writing new material for a self titled EP, Steffen is showing up with a couple Telecasters and a solid backing band to encompass a collection of songs with a new sound and style unique and different than anything that he has written in his 15+ years in music.

The Dummy Ups
The Almost Infinite
The Almost Infinite is a two-piece rock and roll band from Cincinnati, Ohio.
Isabelle Helle & The Hell's Bells
Isabelle Helle and the Hell’s Bells puts a dark spin on rock & roll, channeling shadowy stories of the past. Ghostly garage pop delves into the unexplored nuances of folklore, bringing new hooks and angles to classic tales--a tangible reminder of the beauty to be found in the very things that have haunted humanity for centuries.
Isabelle Helle (Izzi Krombholz) is joined by Billie Bell (Ava Roberts) on bass, R. Bell (Roxie Hennessey) on lead guitar, and Nasty Jack Bell (Matt Dorman) on drums. Their first single on Women in Rock Records will feature two tracks: the band theme “Outta Hell,” and “Green Ribbon.” The songs were recorded and mixed by Brian Olive at Mt. Saturn Studio and mastered by John Hoffman in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Cold Stereo