Los Honchos
Sat April 20, 2024 9:00 pm (Doors: 7:00 pm )
The Southgate House Revival - The Lounge
Ages 21 and Up
Los Honchos

Los Honchos formed in early 2005 rising from the ashes of a primitive garage band of the same name. The two survivors; front man Little Bill and his geetar playin' sidekick Mike, wanted more out of a band than three chords and a hangover so they set out on a quest to reinvent themselves. They dove in to Mike's massive collection of scratchy vinyl records and came up with a weird mixture of gritty Southern soul, honkin' R&B, wild pre-Beatles rock'n'roll and cheesy instrumental lounge tunes (the kind that strippers like) and possessed with a fever that Dr. Frankenstein would have been proud of they decided to mash it all together into one big funky mess. It looked good on paper (at least it would if they had bothered to write it down) but how would they pull this off? In stepped bassist extraordinaire Nick LLoyd who had the good taste to believe in this crazy idea. Nick was armed with actual musical talent and connections to the cats they needed to pull this thing off. Los Honchos were on their way. Before long Nick had recruited sax maniac Dan the Man Barger and stealth trumpeter Rob Mulhauser. After several changes in the drum chair the band was completed when Chip Blome strolled in and laid down a funky beat that the kids could dance to. One quick trip to the tailor and six cheap matching suits later the band was unleashed on the sleepy little town of Cincinnati, Ohio. Since then the band has been plugging away at local watering holes slowly building up a following of confused but happy fans who appreciate the bizarre melting pot of music that is Los Honchos.