Main Stage
6:00 Seth Forster
6:30 Marcos Sastre & band
7:00 Shawn David Anderson & band
7:30 Goshorn Tribute (John Ford, Kaper, Raul, Jim Hunt, Mark Hayden, Angela C)
DRB Tribute
8:00 Meg Williams, Travis Bowlin, Roger Hurricane Wilson
9:00 Noah Wotherspoon, Doug Hart, Pete Benoit, Lance Boyd
10:00 Scotty Bratcher, Fred Gillespie, Chris Lute, Bob Herrmann
11:00 Prestige Grease

Concert is free from 1 pm-6 pm. Tickets are required for attendance from 6 pm onwards. 

The Noah Wotherspoon Band

The Noah Wotherspoon Band hails from Cincinnati, Ohio. Wotherspoon has been immersed in the blues and mesmerizing audiences with his soulful guitar playing since he was a teenager. The band, which includes Rob Thaxton on bass and Brian Aylor on drums, formed in 2009. In 2015, Wotherspoon received the Best Guitarist Award at the International Blues Challenge and the band placed 2nd in the Finals. Since the competition, they have been playing festivals and venues around the world, from the Mt. Baker Blues Festival in Washington to the Olsztyn Blues Nights Festival in Poland. The band's debut studio album entitled "Mystic Mud" was also presented a "Jimi Award" for Best Blues/Rock Album of the Year in 2015 by Blues411.

Scotty Bratcher
Meg Williams
John Ford
Prestige Grease
The Doug Hart Band

The Doug Hart Band has been a major force in the southwest Ohio blues scene for several years. Doug constantly strives to put forth the best product and deliver the best show possible. The band incorporates free form, yet controlled versions of many blues standards along with the blending of Doug’s blues and rock influences to form creative original compositions. 

Having played several major festivals and as winners of the 2013 Dayton Blues Challenge, 2014 Black Swamp Blues Challenge, several 2nd and 3rd place finishes in the Cincinnati and Columbus Blues Challenges and semifinalists in the 2013 & 2014 International Blues Challenge, they have proven over and over they can take the stage with anyone. 
He has enlisted the veteran talents of bassist Mike Hausfeld and drummer Oscar Bernal to complete his band. Together, they never fail to amaze their audience with the soul and passion of their performance… The Doug Hart Band will definitely leave you wanting more.

Chris Lute
Travis Bowlin
Shawn David Anderson
Brian Lovely
Roger Hurricane Wilson
Mike Reeder
Seth Foster
Brian Tarter

Brian Tarter of Brass Owl

Angela Combs
Jimmy D Rogers
Lance Boyd
Fred Gillespie
Bob Herrmann
Kelly Red Walker
Cheryl Renee Project
aka "The Goddess of the Blues"
Marcos Sastre
Pete Benoit
Tom Kaper
Raul Watson
Mark Hayden
Dan Rosenthal
Mr. Phelps
Jim Hunt
The 2 Steves